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Good Morning and thanks for stopping by! This is my first blog on my first webpage so bare with me as I fumble along. My name is Mike and I'm a US Army Veteran, husband and father and like many other veterans, I lost my sense of purpose when after serving our country. For any man, a lack of purpose makes life difficult, and when you add on all of society's pressures (marriage, finances, careers, health), it can make life quite painful for you and your loved ones. This was my life and I struggled for some years until I met someone who taught how to change my life through personal growth ( which simply means investing in yourself). I started this website to pass along those valuable lessons that I learned over the past 15 years with the hope that I can help other veterans (or any man willing to grow) find their purpose in life without the heartaches that I went through.

My website is simply a platform of resources that I personally use for my growth and honestly, there's nothing new here that you won't find in other similar platforms - I just put it in a format that I think is more easily applicable. I will also post regular blogs about different aspects of personal growth with personal leassons learned and insights. I absolutely welcome feedback and hope that this blog serves as a platform where veterans can freely share their thoughts, collaborate and get the help they need an deserve.

My only goal here is to help others ( veteran or not) and if just one person benefits from this website/blog, than I will have fullfilled my purpose in helping others. Thanks and hope to here from you soon!

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