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Personal Growth Media

The challenge of personal growth is that you have to do things that you normally would never do, which means doing things "outside your comfort zone". I've personally used all of these resources and with CONSISTENCY, they work. Simply click on the links and open yourself up to growing. 


Ted Talks is the greatest collaborative learning forum in the world, providing invaluable insights and lessons learned. I've listed just a few topics below but you can find any topic of your liking on the main webpage. And the best thing about ted Talks is that its totally free.


The Dave Ramsey Show: Dave Ramsey is nationally recognized as the top guy when it comes to finances and is an absolute genius and providing solutions to any financial challenge. Please note that there may be subscription fees but that shouldn't stop you - consider any fees an investment in yourself.

The Ziglar Show: Virtually all self-improvement or financial gurus refer to Zig Ziglar as their inspiration. Although he past away in 2012, his teachings and legacy live on. Zig will definitely help you reach a much higher level of living.

And with this resource, there may be subscription fees but again, this is a noble investment in yourself.


ALL PRO DAD: All Pro Dad is a website/organization created by ordinary dads (and moms!) like us. Its a free website that provides guidance and lessons learned pertaining to being a husband and father. You can sign up for a free daily article (all they need is an email) and these articles can even be tailored to your situation (single father, one daughter, etc). Even if you don't have childeren, you can still benefit from theri wisdom and lessones learned.

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